The ASPE (Supreme Confederation of multi-child Parents of Greece) was founded in 1931 and since then has undertaken the representation of multi-child Parents, study and promotion of their claims, and generally promote their moral and material interests.

In addition, the Confederation defends the institution of the family and strives to maintain the greek traditions and to raise all the forces of the country to solve the demographic problem.

The approximately 180 thousand multi-child families, which belong to its members - Associations and have the conditions laid down by law, provide free by the Confederation, through the Associations, with the necessary books - cards for multi-child property.

The ASPE, under the provisions of relevant laws, awards the property of multi-child Parents and grant the licenses provided for the benefit / pension to the mother, which has been established by the state, and for any lawful use (appointments, transfers, admission to certain schools, mortgages, etc.).

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