The main objectives of the ASPE for the protection of the family and for the treatment and the resolution of the demographic problem

The ASPE is struggling:

To defend the institution of the family.


Because it believes that the family:

- It is a
sacred institution with high task.

- It is the laboratory where the characters forged.

- It creates and prepares the future honest citizens.

- It is the cell that supports the
society and ensures the health to the community.

- It is the area in which all the virtues, especially that of love, are cultivating.


For the material and moral progress and promotion of the
multi-child parents.


Because it believes that the multi-child families:

- are the blood donors of Greece.

- are not always treated with the caution imposed by the state.

- do not enjoy equal tax treatment with single.

- support with personal sacrifice and hardship the nation.


Because it wants and wishes:


- The reanimation Greece.

- To hear children's happy voices.

- To see the life to develops and grows.

- To feel that there is hope.

- To feel that the place has a future and perspective.

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